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    Asset Recovery with a Guarantee

    CAN-AM offers asset recovery services with a guarantee. The guarantee provides a minimum value for a production line or plant and demonstrates CAN-AM's commitment to a liquidation project. This guarantee can be in the form of a letter of credit, a cash deposit or another satisfactory financial instrument.

    As an example, you may have a production line that has a total liquidation value of $2 million to $2.5 million that will take one year to liquidate. Your company wants to recover the most money possible with the least amount of risk. With a straight commission deal you may be worried that the broker does not have a vested interest in finishing the job. With a guarantee situation, CAN-AM could provide a minimum of say $1 million and offer to split the balance. CAN-AM covers all the marketing expenses in an asset recovery guarantee arrangement.

    For more information on asset recovery with a guarantee, contact us.